Interview with Catalina Caraus


Catalina Caraus is an up and coming actress from Moldova, she gave a very interesting insight into her ambitions in acting and her work so far.

What was your role in Mr. Missunderstanding?
In Mr. Missunderstanding I am playing the role of a very sweet, sociable, pretty girl who lives in London. She likes reading a lot, she’s very smart and very passionate about indian culture, that’s why she falls madly in love with and Indian guy, who she meets in a library. It’s a romantic comedy which I can’t wait to see.

As an actress, what is your dream role in a movie?
I’ve always wanted to be in a costumed historical drama/romance since I was a child. My mother used to love these type of movies and we used to watch them with the whole family and as probably other girls of my age, I wanted to become a princess and wear those dresses at least once in my life and because my grandfather is a historian, he contributed a lot for me to dream of the beauty of other centuries.
Recently, my dream came true and I had the opportunity to act as a princess in the Hollywood Production “The Black Prince” which was set up in the Victorian times, but I still wish one day I can be the lead actress in such a movie, especially after this amazing experience. The difference is that now, I am not the little girl who wants to wear those dresses, it’s not about the dresses anymore, it’s about the elegance of those times, the class…It is not that easy to build a character from a different century which is really challenging for me. After “The Black Prince” I understood how exhausting and really painful wearing a corset can be. You feel every single drop of water when your waste is tighten up with 26cm less. )))

Do you have a preferred genre of movie to play in?
My favourite genres to watch are comedy, drama, romance, action and thrillers but when it comes to acting I think I would prefer drama and romance. Action movies would be really challenging too.

In life, do you have a philosophy or a motto that you live by?
yes, I do! My motto in life is “what is done, is done towards better”

Which actors inspired you?
I never wanted to become an actress. I was always into music and dance. I wanted to become a professional dancer when I was a kid and I used to think that I don’t have any talent in acting just because I couldn’t lie to anyone and couldn’t cry by purpose, so I never really thought of an actor who would inspire me, but I do love Al Pacino a lot. He is brilliant.

Are you currently involved in any acting projects, or planned some for this year?
I am not currently evolved in any acting projects but I am preparing for some upcoming projects. I don’t want to go into details about that though, as you will find about everything a bit later this year.

You are also a very talented singer, how would you describe your style of music?
I don’t have a defined style of music. I was doing manly house/electro/dance/pop music. I like experimenting, so I am opened to every style of music which would suit me.

What is your biggest dream or ambition in your career?
My dream was always to be able to match my career with my family life, so that is my main goal in life, but regarding my career I just wish to continue developing my skills and not stopping what I do and climbing step by step the path to perfection in in my both acting and singing career.

Interview with Catalina Caraus

Interview with Hanna Oldenburg

Hanna Oldenburg is a Swedish actress who has starred as the lead role in the successful horror movie “Blood Runs Cold”,

In your career so far, what has been your proudest moment?
Those times I achieve exactly what I want in a scene.

In Blood Runs cold, which was your favorite scene that you performed?
My favorite was the scene in the yellow bathroom. My performance was solid and I like the cinematography.

What do you like about performing in horror movies?
That you get to explore the dark or weak sides of a character.

Which genre of film is your favorite to act in?

What would be your dream part to play in a movie?
Katniss Everdeen would have been something.

Which actors/directors that you have worked with have inspired you the most?
The people I have worked with that inspire me the most are director Sonny Laguna, Tommy Wiklund and also David Liljeblad. They are hugely inspiring to me. They work with such dedication, and they do exactly what they want to. I love working with them.

So far in your acting career, what is the most important thing that you have learned?
Keep it simple!

Interview with Hanna Oldenburg

Interview with Vlastina Svátková


Vlastina Svátková is a Slovak actress, who has performed in many productions such as the popular TV series  První republika, The Musketeers, Pojistovna stestí and Casino Royale.

Which are the most successful films/series that you have performed in?
I think it was Burning bush, where i was shooting with my son and we had the great chance to work with director Agnieszka Holland. It was very small role, but I will never forget.
Do you have a dream role in a film?
Old woman even if I am young? Heroin addicted even if I hate drugs? Somebody who is self-destructive because is so unhappy in deep in his soul… all these are a big challenge for every actor. Something what is far away from you, but you are able to understand and go so close, that everybody in cinema think, it’s you…this is the dream role for me…
Which film that you have been involved with has been your favourite so far? 
This is a very often asked question!!!! But I never know what to answer. Every role was so special, different, because acting partners were different and directors were different and I have so many memories which are original and strange and funny, that I can’t choose just the ONE.
Do you identify strongly with any of the characters that you have played?
Always. I have to. It’s all I have. Me, my soul, my experiences, my past, my point of view, my creativity. It’s always me…
Is filming a series different to a film?
Depends on the money.  Usually for series you need to save more time for shooting.
You have took part in many films that have taken place in historical times, do you enjoy these roles?

Very much. I love the dress, costumes, hair style…you immediately have different behaviour, more distinguished, more control in your speech, movements…
What are your plans for the future?
Who knows what is in the future…I am happy that I can do what I plan for tomorrow…I am shooting a big movie in Czech Republic called Gangster KA, where I have one of the main roles. Wife of a bad man,  a gangster who was really existing in CZ.



Interview with Vlastina Svátková